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Interior Painting

Manhattan Production Painting completes interior paint jobs in occupied homes and offices daily. Our professional painters are trained to not only complete our jobs efficiently and effectively but to also provide the customer with the best possible quality. Throughout the application process we are committed to be clean, neat and professional at all times. Our […]


Patios & Decks

Most people wonder if sealants and protection are really necessary. The answer is yes. No matter what kind of wood you use, the use of these finishes on the deck or patio is a great way to make sure that structure holds up. The protection will allow for much easier clean-up, usually only requiring the […]



Like any other establishment, places of business often need a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and the interior walls. Owners of commercial establishments should consider commercial painting companies when they feel that the service is needed. Why have a place of business painted? First off, customers are more likely to shop at a […]